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Support a Forward-Thinking City Council Candidate

Dr. David Cohen is running for San Antonio City Council for District 9. You can support his candidacy by donating to our campaign headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, or volunteering your time to his cause. He is very thankful for anything you are able to contribute.


Your monetary donations will help make this campaign a successful one. The donations will go towards signage, advertising, and paying the support staff. Political donations are not tax deductible. To submit a donation, please mail your check to the treasurer of this campaign or donate online. 

State law limits contributions to $500/person or $1000/couple.


Dr. David Cohen needs motivated individuals that are passionate about his cause to volunteer their time to his campaign. If you have experience working in an office, can put up signs and canvas your neighborhood, or are interested in becoming a spokesperson for Dr. Cohen's campaign, please email his campaign office. There are no age restrictions or time commitments.

* Any information submitted on this website will be strictly for the use of the campaign and it will not be shared with any other entities.