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Representing District 9 in San Antonio

Bring someone to the San Antonio City Council who will represent you by supporting Dr. David Cohen in 2017. Under his leadership, he plans to move this city in the right direction, with a focus on health and education for all residents within District 9 of San Antonio, Texas. Vote for David Cohen in the upcoming city elections if you agree with his plans for the future of the city.

Plans to Improve the Local Community

Dr. David Cohen's principal focus will be on expanding public health clinics, growing municipal utilities, and addressing disaster preparedness issues, among other issues. His plans to improve the local community in San Antonio include:

  • Supporting Metro Health (Ex. Funding for Mosquito Control due to the Threat of Zika and Dengue Fever)
  • Opposition to Toll Roads
  • Supporting Parks and Recreation
  • Supporting Military
  • Decreasing Administrative Burden through Consolidation of School Districts
  • Supporting Community Colleges and Vocational Training
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Major Policy Positions:

Dr. David Cohen has several ideas and positions to better improve policy and the community. His major policy positions include:

1. City Government should concentrate on core responsibilities:

  • Public Safety – fire & police, disaster preparedness.
  • Parks and Recreation.
  • Streets, drainage, flood control.
  • Keeping San Antonio an attractive and pleasant city to live in.

2. Public Health and Community Health Care leads to a healthier community for all.

3. Attract business by keeping SA working – low taxes, trained work force, attractive and livable city.

4. Support city owned utilities to keep power and water rates low for residents, business and industry.

5. Use bully pulpit of city government to improve education:

  • Consolidation of some of the 15 school districts in Bexar County, emphasis on technical and vocational training in high schools, and support San Antonio Community Colleges.
  • Lobby legislature to support Major Universities as well as Medical, Osteopathic, Dental, and other Professional Schools.

6. Opposition to toll roads – they don't decrease congestion and they are unfair in punishing some residents with tolls while other residents live and work in toll free areas.

7. Continue nurturing environment for major industries in San Antonio:

  • Medicine and Biotech
  • Military
  • Tourism
  • Higher Education
  • Trade with Mexico
  • Energy Development
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation

8. Fairness and impartiality, avoid cronyism in performing the business of government.